Sponsored By Diamond Bar Senior Citizens Club 0LOCATION Having Fun At Holloween Party 2023 CARD SALES Friday : 9:15 to 10:00 All ages 18+ Are WELCOME Come join us for a FUN day at Diamond Bar Bingo (c)Copyright Diamond Bar Community Center 1600 Grand Ave Diamond Bar, CA (909) 839-7070 Special Games / Speed Ball / Double Action - $1 COST 6 Card 10 Packs - $5 Card sales close 45 minutes after Opening Monday : 11:30 to 12:15 Lois and Dennis met at bingo and became good friends All text and images on this site are (c)Copyright Diamond Bar Senior Citizens Club 2023 Email Us : Info@DiamondBarBingo.com Play 10 games (6 cards each) for $5 Friendship is the relationship that comes with no expectation and lots of happiness. In our life, we make so many friends, some are just friends and some became the best friends as we can connect with them more easily and we share a good understanding as well. And it's always nice to have someone to holler bingo with. 50-50 Drawing $1

You've Landed On DiamondBarBingo.COM Welcome Special Games $250 Payouts Regular Games $100 Payouts An elderly man stop by the police station around 2 AM and is asked where he is going at this time of night. The man replies "I `m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse, and the effects it has on the human body as well as smoking and staying out late". The officer then asks "really who is giving that lecture at this time of night" the man replies "that would be my wife". Joke Of The Day Good times at Diamond Bar Bingo Raggedy Ann & Andy - Emma as the Octopus Carmen - Amelia - Maria Elena Anita and Candi Beautiful Memories Happyness is hollering BINGO! We love our friendly volunteers. Bingo Manager Nancy and Sharon Precilla and her friend Anita Administration